The Tao of Lavender
Planted in circles - the north american native way
Two year old plants
The colour and the aroma are maximised by the climate
Three year old plants
Lavender for decoration too
Air drying in bunches of 50
Dried and ready for rubbing
A day's picking in the midst of harvesting
When sorted and bunched it will go to the drying shed
Bounty for the bees
27 kilos of flower heads produce 1 litre of essential oil
No fertiliser, no pesticides, no herbicides - fully organic
Waving in the breeze
Cuttings for the next planting - we are expanding

The lavender way farm is a small boutique lavender producer. It is the only working lavender farm on the beautiful island of Crete in the southern mediterranean. The climate is wonderfully supportive and the soil is good. No herbicides are used. No pesticides are used. We use no fertiliser, preferring the eco friendly  methods of Fukuoka. With mountains to the south and the sea to the north we plant in circles rather than the uninspiring rows of the factory methods favoured by the bigger, more commercial lavender farms. All planting, pruning, and harvesting is done by loving hand - no mechanical intervention occurs here at the Lavender Way.