The Xania Crete eco-crew at the Rethymnon Xmas Bazaar 2007
Evangelio foreground - Janina in the corner - great smiles
The Lavender Queen presides
Annie gives a free consultation
Maria - head of Botanica in happy, pensive mood
Janina poses
there's a terrific draught from this window behind me
mid afternoon and still not flagging
Janina in sales mode
product display
the old boy showing some ennui

The Xania eco crew usually attend the Xania Xmas bazaar at this time of year but all tables had been allocated by the time we applied this year at our normal time.

Some quick thinking from Lavender Lady secured a couple of tables for us at the alternative event organised for an animal charity in Rethymnon and we all decamped there instead this past weekend (1st Dec 2007).

A good day was had by all and the charitable, easy going  nature of the event suited everyone.  It was a long day but we loved it.