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"Listen, if I had a magic wand and I could make myself really be happy, I'd zap me onto a farm. And I know nothing about farming. "

Scott Baio

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Lavender wands bring organic horticulture and traditional craft skills together in a product that delights and intrigues.

Hand woven in the Lavender Way farm kitchen from premium grade lavender these luxurious wands combine visual and aromatic beauty. No two wands are the same - the lavender plant itself determines the dimensions of each wand.

So much more elegant than the traditional lavender sachet these gorgeous wands can hang from clothes rails or nestle in drawers silently protecting your clothes from moths while infusing that amazing scent of lavender into everything nearby.

Gill makes these magical wands on days when we are locked in by excessive heat or rain.

Necessarily, only limited numbers are made every year and stock usually sells out by Xmas. . - *Check Availabilty* In stock now

organza sachets

Our premium flower buds packaged in organza bags.

These bags represent a real value proposition. Usually used for lining out underwear drawers where they keep bugs away as well as imparting a delicate but enticing aroma to all your intimate apparel.

Beautiful in and of themselves they can also serve double duty as Xmas tree decorations in the festive season and wonderfully long lasting wedding favours. - *Check Availabilty* Sold Out

cushions & hearts

The scent of lavender is renowned for its relaxing qualities. The lavender filled cushion is a staple in the houses of the knowing. To rest ones head upon a lavender cloud is to know true relaxation.


Gill fashions these cushions by hand - rectangular and heart shaped - and fills them with fresh lavender flower buds - just flower buds, no leaf, no stalk, no nonsense.

The heart shaped cushions are 20 cms at the widest point.

The fabrics vary in pattern but be assured that they are always high quality and tasteful.

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Introduced in 2012 the eyePad is now a popular staple. Lavender's renowned relaxing qualities is the core of this innovative product. The lavender eyePad is filled with a mixture of our premium lavender buds and organic flax seeds (for weight). Silky smooth on one side and lightly textured on the other the eyePad is simplylaid across the eyes when taking that all-impotant power nap or longer leisurely doze - relaxation and sleep are guaranteed.


The eyePads are hand-sewn and made with love. No elastic, no straps - pure, simple and effective.

The fabrics vary in pattern but be assured that they are always high quality and tasteful.

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