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"There's a few things I've learned in life:
always throw salt over your left shoulder,
keep rosemary by your garden gate,
plant lavender for good luck,
and fall in love whenever you can."

Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

essential oils

The Lavender Way produces and sells essential oil of lavender in three distinct types:

a true angustifolia oil (not a lavandin) which has a perfume quality aroma with gorgeous high notes and a genuine aromatic experience with all of the canonical aromatherapy and health benefits *qualities and uses*- sweet perfume for serenity
- antiseptic
- anti-inflammatory
- can provide help for stress and insomnia .
. Our Angustifolia comes in 5ml amber bottles with dropper.

an intense and pure spica oil which is high in cineol/eucalyptol - this is the traditional type of lavender oil that would have been used in ancient Greek and Roman societies *qualities and uses*- energizing and invigorating scent
- antiseptic
- anti-inflammatory
- can provide help for tiredness, rheumatic pain and sinusitis
- can provide relief from insect bites, burns .
. Our Spica oil retails in 10ml amber bottles with dropper.

our innovative mixed oil - when there is a very heavy second bloom of the angustifolia flowers we produce an oil which is a distillate of mixed spica and angustifolia biomasses that has a distinctive aroma all its own and works particularly well in a vapouriser. *qualities and uses*- an energizing and invigorationg aroma with overtones of the sweet angustifolia
- antiseptic
- anti-inflammatory
- can provide help for tiredness, rheumatic pain and sinusitis
- can provide relief from insects and their irritating bites .
Our unique mixed oil comes in a 10ml amber bottle with dropper.

We are a small boutique farm so quantities of our oils are strictly limited and when it's gone it's gone so check availability and buy while we still have stock - *Check Current Availabilty*We have stocks of all 3 oils at present.


Deliciously refreshing and aromatic, our lavender water spritzer contains pure *hydrosol*Herbal distillates are aqueous solutions or colloidal suspensions (hydrosol) of essential oils usually obtained by steam distillation from aromatic plants. These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings, medicine and in skin care. Herbal distillates go by many other names including floral water, hydrosol, hydrolate, herbal water and essential water.
Source: Wikipedia
produced during the distillation of our organically-grown lavender.
Retails in 100ml spray-top blue bottles which are easy to carry

suggested usage:
- spray on skin to cool, tone and refresh
- spray on linen for natural fragrance
- antiseptic
- anti-inflammatory
provides help for sun burn, razor rash and minor skin irritations.

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for men

Our manly spritzer is made from the Spica hydrosol. A fresh and robust spray of masculine woody lavender for the discerning *man's man*The "new man" who is not afraid of his feminine side might prefer the Angustifolia spritzer . *Check availability*We currently have spica spritzers .

for women

Knowing that the distaff side prefers something sweeter and more elegant we make a delicate and subtle spritzer from the Angustifolia hydrosol. Check *Check availability*Angustifolia spritzers are available..

Not your traditional old ladies' lavender water - the lavenders grown here at the Lavender Way give aromas both unique and contemporary. Natural and organic our 100ml spritzers retail in rich blue spray bottles.


We currently have stockists in Crete and *Athens*M.Botsari 41,
for our oils although we are always looking for appropriate new outlets. Click here for current stockists